Bill Tracker


Below is a list of bills AAC will be monitoring during the 2022 Legislative Session. These bills have been identified by AAC and AAC Members as those of particular interest to Alabama agriculture. Bill status will be regularly updated throughout the legislative session. The 2022 Legislative Session will convene on Tuesday, January 11th and will dismiss on Thursday, April 7th. 


Bill Number:

 Bill Summary:


HB400 / SB275

Grain Bin Tax Clarification

HB 400 by Rep. Wes Kitchens, R-Arab, and SB 275 by Sen. Larry Stutts, R-Tuscumbia, would eliminate inconsistencies and confusion across jurisdictions by clarifying the ad valorem tax exemption for grain bins. SB 275 was approved by the Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee, and HB 400 passed the House Agriculture and Forestry Committee.                                                  


HB412 / SB274

Sweet Grown Alabama Act

HB 412 by Rep. Van Smith, R-Billingsley, and SB 274 by Sen. Steve Livingston, R-Scottsboro, would empower family farms and stimulate local economies by clarifying the inclusion of value-added agricultural products in existing sales tax exemptions. SB 274 passed the Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee. HB 412 awaits action in the House Ways and Means Education Committee.


HB415 / SB273

Business License Clarity

HB 415 by Rep. Gil Isbell, R-Gadsden, and SB 273 by Sen. Tom Butler, R-Madison, protects family farms by expressly prohibiting the requirement of a county license or fee for operations related to the disposition of the farmer’s products. SB 273 was approved by the Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee, and HB 415 passed the House County and Municipal Government Committee.